Since I mainly focus on backend professionally, my side projects focus more on exploring new tools:

Phonetic Alphabet

This is an app that helps you master the NATO Phonetic Alphabet. A simple proficiency test is also available for verifying your fluency in phonetic communication.

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Metadata Remover

The metadata remover app is a powerful tool designed to protect users’ privacy by stripping away sensitive information embedded in digital files. With a user-friendly interface, the app allows individuals to easily remove metadata such as location, date, and author details from photos, documents, and other media files. This ensures that personal information is not inadvertently shared when sharing files online.

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TOTP Generator

This is a time based OTP generator based on RFC 6238. The selected default settings are compatible with most authenticators for mobile devices like Google Authenticator. The landing page serves as a playground for testing or confirming if your TOTP codes are being generated correctly.

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F1 Data

This is a work in progress for F1 fans out there, you can check the driver standings and also get some information about the circuits. Records are expected to update within 2 to 6 hours after race day. I will be adding more features along the way!

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Random Generator

A simple random generator that could generate numbers, dice, names, words, texts, and even QR codes. Do you have a lot of choices but having a hard time to pick one? This application can also help you with that!

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To do list

A bare bones to do list application

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If you find some of these useful, any kind of support will be greatly appreciated.

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